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Emma, I am a writer and storyteller with over fifteen years of experience in film and media production as a screenwriter, director, and feature film producer. Because of a long time writing and working for long hours, I had severe shoulder and neck pain. As a writer, I could not concentrate on my work tolerating this pain.

Even after taking medications, the pain temporarily subsides but returns in a few days. I was bored with conventional medicine and was trying to find an alternative solution.

In such a situation, my friend told me about Dr. Garcia’s biomagnetism practice and training. He was suffering from long-term vision problems. With biomagnetism therapy, he got his vision back completely. Many alternative therapies exist, but I found this biomagnetism therapy an excellent approach for various health issues.

Biomagnetism Therapy

Biomagnetism is an innovative, scientific, and therapeutic approach to wellness that differs from traditional medicine, homeopathy, herbs, and natural therapies while staying perfectly compatible with any other contemporary or alternative modality.

It is one of the alternative uses for magnets. It reflects a worldwide practiced health method that strives for bioenergetic balance in the human body, i.e., the natural state of health known as “homeostasis.”

Biomagnetism was initially found in Mexico City in 1988 by physician Isaac Goiz. Biomagnetism, in this sense, examines, detects, classifies, measures, and enables the repair of pH imbalances in living organisms.

pH abnormalities are thought to build and combine in our systems, allowing the development of symptoms, syndromes, and other health disorders. By regaining the body’s normal pH balance, various regenerated natural defenses can control diverse microbes, such as viruses, fungi, bacteria, and parasites.

About Dr. Garcia And His Biomagnetism Training

Dr. Garcia, a pioneer in this biomagnetism practice, and one of the top biomagnetism therapists in USA, resolves many health issues, and many people have life-changing experiences with his approach. I came to know that Dr. Garcia was conducting training for several students on biomagnetism therapy. Among them, I’m the one who got inspired by his training and this biomagnetism therapy.

Dr. Garcia is a pleasant person; he incredibly creates confidence within us. We could feel the difference in our health within one session.

After this great experience with biomagnetism therapy, I took this biomagnetism training from Dr. Garcia. As a writer, I am interested in sharing my experience here.

Biomagnetism Directory

Of course, I do not want to stop sharing my experience. If interested, you can utilize this biomagnetism training to benefit from this revolutionary approach to well-being. I also want other people who have long been suffering from various health issues to try this Biomagnetism therapy.

As an evangelist of this biomagnetism practice, I want people worldwide to find it easy to locate biomagnetism therapists in their region. I have created a list of Biomagnetism therapy experts in USA on this site. The main goal of this directory is to benefit the people who look for alternative approaches to enhance their health and well-being.

Make use of this Biomagnetism therapist directory and find your licensed and certified therapists in your location.

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